Barbecue, Smoking, Grilling and serving  fresh salad.

  • salad dressing: sesame vinaigrette, mango, and ginger salad dressing 
  • pickled carrots and radishes are included with every meal
Honey glazed pork - $9

Honey glace pork, rice, salad.

satay chicken - $9

Satay chicken, rice and salad.

five spice pork, Chicken BBQ - $9

Five spice pork BBQ skewer with rice, salad.

vegetarian summer roll - $2.00 each

rice noodle, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, spring onion and bean sprout. served with peanut sauce

smoked chicken wings - $9

Smoked chicken wings with rice, salad.

lumpiang shanghai  - $1.5 each

.Lumpiang shanghai with chicken, pork or turkey meat.

steamed shumai - $6 for 4 pieces

Steamed shumai with pork and shrimps.

five spice smoked burger - $7

lettuce, tomato, onion and  Asian vegetable pickle. 

Catering: you can customize your next order with your asian dish favorites! 

crispy pork belly or smoked - $12

Crispy pork belly $12 per pound with rice and pickle vegetables. 

stir fried vegetable - $6 per plate

Stir fried vegetables depend on the availability in the fresh market. $2 for mushroom 

Longanisa - $6 per 4 pieces

Pork or chicken 

steamed puto rice - $7 per dozen

Made with rice, coconut milk, vanilla and eggs.

pansit luglug or fried noodle - $10 per large plate: enough to feed 2 persons

Made with rice noodle: Sauce, ground pork, fish sauce and annatto: Topping, shrimp, hard boiled eggs, spring onion, ground chicharon and calamanci or lime.

vegetable spring roll - $1.5 each

Made with turkey or ground pork, thin slice cabbage, carrots, onion, garlic, sweet potato and spring onion.

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