Asian Spice BBQ

Asian-spiced smoked, barbecued, and grilled meats  

This is my food trailer!

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5/25  Eagle Creek 6 pm to 9 pm  10350 Emerson Lake Blvd. Orlando, Fl 32822

6/2 Oviedo Farmers Market 6/3 Lake Lily Farmers Market in Maitlad 9-2 pm

06/13 South Park Building 400 6/20 Luzern Building 6/22 CVS 6/23 International Festival 2-7pm

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Asian Spice BBQ is a mobile food trailer aimed at offering authentic, reasonably priced, Asian cuisine using only fresh ingredients with low sodium and no MSG. We pride ourselves as partners of local communities and local businesses. Our goal is to become a regionally recognized, capitalizing on the rapid growth and popularity of the mobile food industry in the Orlando area. 


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